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Why We Do This

Mission Statement
We are proud to provide an electronic forum for all viewpoints as long as they are intelligently expressed and well-reasoned. Rants, ravings, and inflammatory speech is not only requested but encouraged. All submissions will be presented to the Board for possible publication.

Please submit all documents as email, *.txt, or as a *.html file. All images and text submitted become property of and may be posted whole or in part as we see fit.

Articles must be the work of the original author. We do not accept reprints; however, we will consider excerpts from published books or scholarly articles. For works which have already been published, please query first describing the piece and where and when it was published. takes first worldwide electronic publishing rights with the right to archive the material indefinitely in any electronic medium and to publish the article in a possible print or electronic anthology in the future. does not offer monetary payment at this time. However, articles will be published on a separate webpage with an author bio and links to the author's webpage and novels, if requested. We will honor any requests for anonymity. All articles will be archived on the Web, when the next month's article is uploaded.

Submissions should be sent to: Sorry, we only accept electronic submissions. If you cannot include the entire article in the body of your email, please attach the article to the email as a text document. If the document will not fit in the body of an email, please attach it to the email in either HTML or text format. Writers may also submit queries to the above email address. Please include a short author bio written in third person with any submission if you wish.

All accounts and individuals are entirely fictious. Any resemblence to any persons living or dead is fucking hilarious. The creation of this website made Jesus weep - come back often.

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