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Article 1 A Tale of Two Cities by Art Bender

Art Bender Art Bender is an artist and ranconteur extrodinaire currently residing in Fort Worth, Texas.
This week's featured author laments his hometown falling victim to its craftier neighbor East of the Trinity River.
Fort Worth, once known as a mecca for artisans, now much more resembles its crass cousin to the East.
Mr. Bender publishes novels and short stories most often set in Texas with a penchant for social commentary.
Often criticized for being obtuse and indignant, Mr. Bender has taken to carrying a walking stick with a concealed shiv for the benefit of his detractors.

All accounts and individuals are entirely fictious. Any resemblence to any persons living or dead is fucking hilarious. The creation of this website made Jesus weep - come back often.

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